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For promotion of granulation & epithelization of ulcers & burns

Warning & Precautions

Occasionally a sensitive patient will complain of a burning sensation after application of SOLCOSERYL Jelly. This should not be a reason for cessation of the treatment. It is however, advisable to warn the patient of this possibility.


Peripheral and cerebral circulatory disorders: Arteriosclerotic and diabetic angiopathies with and without ulceration, apoplectic attack 1st and 2nd week of treatment 4 to 6 mL daily (I.M. ,I.V or I.A.). From the 3rd week onwards this dosage may generally be reduced. Trophic ulcers should in addition be treated with SOLCOSERYL Jelly and SOLCOSERYL ointment.

Adverse Reactions

Allergic reactions may occur in very rare cases . the product must then be discontinued. Brief stinging may occur after application of solcoseryl jelly but the product should be not be discontinued because of this.

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