Сибирь - ресторан русской кухни

With the Spirit of Siberia the Russian famous provinces and its brand restaurant; the restaurant is designed with Russian Siberian touch and its menu is divided into several cuisines (Russian, European and Arabian). The interior actively uses everything that reminds us of Siberia: samovars, kettles, quilted pillows, blankets, various pickles and other elements of Russian-Siberian life. So, for example, creating a very cozy, warm zone. Or the ceiling, which effectively shimmer, attracting the attention of guests. it is a good place of leisure for single guests and a great opportunity for family visitors to start their evening with an aperitif. Thanks to the menu for different food, fans of this food get the opportunity to make their choice from an extensive collection.

Another original décor solution is a separate thematic wall "Vodka", in which empty alcohol bottles are collected. Guests of the restaurant will surely enjoy this space. It should be noted that many expensive materials are used in the interior: steel, oak. In the evenings, a warm lighting is applied is an important addition to the atmosphere.The cuisine is built on several basic elements: traditional Russian, European and modern Egyptian. The chef of the restaurant is Mahmoud Ismaeil and Olga Tokareva. The famous Russian chef, recognized last year as the best chef of Russian cuisine in Novokuzentsk, also takes part in the development of the menu. In the menu you can see such interesting dishes as a steak from Karasuk beef, Altai stew, rabbit stew, rooster soup, Borsh soup, Ukha soup, Cream Mushroom soup, Zimniy Salad, Vinigred Salad, Grechka, Poure Potatos, Friend potatos with Mushroom and onion, Pelmeny, Vareneky, Manty, Henkaly and much more. It is worth emphasizing that a local Egyptian product is mainly used. Of course, there are famous Siberian snacks - stroganina, sugudai and various tinctures and drinks characteristic of Siberia.




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