Medicines for the treatment of oncology will be introduced at state expense in Egypt

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The Ministry of Health and Population announced the inclusion of oncology medications and modern biological medications within the treatment system at state expense, in implementation of the directives of the President of the Republic, to lift the burden on citizens, especially those who are unable to do so.

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the ministry of Health and Population, explained that Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, directed the holding of periodic meetings of the higher committees for oncology treatment, presidential initiatives, and hematology, to update treatment protocols at state expense, aiming to improve the response and recovery rate, and reduce the chances of tumor recurrence. Improving the quality of life of Egyptian patients.

Abdul Ghaffar said that the modernization of multiple sclerosis (MS) medications, the inclusion and coding of a new drug and a biosimilar, and the doses were modified and additional doses were introduced for patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and patients with myelitis and neuritis optica (NMO), in addition to the inclusion of a new drug for multiple sclerosis. Relapsing-remitting, listing another drug for central nervous system multiple sclerosis.

Abdul Ghaffar pointed out the modernization of protocols for rheumatic and immunological diseases and the introduction of various biological medications, within a system at state expense, to treat (immune stiffness, articular psoriasis, non-microbial immune uveitis, psoriasis, and immune inflammation of the sweat glands).

Abdul Ghaffar noted the re-evaluation of the drug used in the treatment of hereditary immunodeficiency, to include the full number of doses according to the patient’s weight, the inclusion of a new drug in the biological treatment protocol for patients with Crohn’s disease and autoimmune ulcerative inflammation, and the activation of the second line of treatment for patients with articular psoriasis.

Inclusion of 5 new medications to treat cases of blood diseases, at state expense

For his part, Dr. Muhammad Zidan, Director of the General Administration of Specialized Medical Councils, revealed the inclusion of 5 new medications to treat cases of blood diseases, at state expense, including medications to treat chronic leukemia, marrow failure resulting from an increase in marrow cells, and anemia, and adding a treatment code for marrow transplantation ( Second decision) in the event of failure of the first marrow transplant.

Zidane continued that it was approved to dispense a drug designated for the post-marrow transplant stage or disease recurrence in (plasma cell cancer), based on the opinion of the medical committees, and adding a treatment code (second decision) for tissue compatibility in cases of marrow transplantation, if there is more than one donor. For patients with marrow failure and lymphoma.

Zidane pointed out the introduction of plasma separation sessions, the inclusion of a wave drug and a vital alternative to the drug previously used, and a (code) was added to treat the disease of acute immune breakdown of blood cells, as well as updating treatment protocols at state expense for patients with myelofibrosis and increasing the functions of marrow cells, and adding a drug. To treat patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia who have genetic mutations.

Zidane pointed out that, in the context of lifting the burden on oncology patients, lung tumor protocols - a first line of treatment - have been unified to improve the response rate and reduce the chances of tumor recurrence (Anti-Egfr), in addition to including a new targeted drug for patients with metastatic colon cancer, and including a drug for cases of cancer. GIST tumor for cases that do not respond to the first line of treatment for patients with gastrointestinal cancer, in addition to the inclusion of a new drug to treat patients with nephritis. This comes from the Ministry of Health and Population’s keenness to provide an integrated treatment service at the state’s expense.

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