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Здание Сент-Дэвис

Built by Welsh entrepreneur John Davies Bryan and designed by Welsh architect Robert William in 1910, this Neo gothic building was constructed with polished red granite from Aberdeen and Doulting stone from Somerset in South West England. With its enormous facades embellished with red bricks, it was the largest store of its kind at the time, hosting a wealth of Welsh businesses and - at one point - the Cairo branch of the YMCA. The Stephenson’s Pharmacy remains to this day a historic emblem of the five story building’s past with its preserved interior décor. The building was sold in 1947 to the Syrian Shorbagy brothers. In 2008, it was acquired by Al Ismaelia Real Estate Company, a major player in the restoration of Downtown Cairo, which returned the St. Bryan Building to its polished past in 2015.

Мухафазы Египта » Каир

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Карта Каира

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Мухафазы Египта » Каир

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Расстояния между Каиром и другими городами Египта

Расстояние между Каир и другими городами страны в км, если ехать на машине