16 New Street Signs Egypt Desperately Needs

Egyptian roads are notoriously dangerous due to terrible driving habits, the lack of effective enforcement of traffic laws, and a shortage of warning signs. There’s no argument that Egypt’s road casualties are unacceptably high, and although we can’t influence the enforcing of laws or amend the joke that is Egypt’s driving exam, we can provide some streets signs that will warn drivers of uniquely Egyptian road hazards. Now we've already created some Egyptian street signs, but we can’t help but feel that we missed some of the hazards we encounter daily. In an effort to save Egyptians time, money, and lives, we present 16 new streets signs Egypt desperately needs on its roads.

Missing Sewer Covers 


Floods Caused by Routinely Broken Water Pipes


Beware of Idiots Running Across the Highway


Breadman Bike Crossing


Careless Workers Working Above


Caution: Road Fights Ahead


Beware of Winter In Alexandria


Bike Stunts Prohibited


No Drifting


Road is Barely Paved Ahead


Road Ahead Blocked as All Lanes Will Attempt the Same U-Turn


Balady Dogs Ahead


Caution: Your Windshield Is Doomed


Cross-Car Conversations Prohibited


Road Block: Random Microbus Station Ahead


Diplomat Crossing


#MO4Network's #MO4Productions
Concepts by Eihab Boraie Illustrations by Nourhan Emad


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