Hot weather expected for Sunday, Cairo 33C

Meteorologists expect hot weather to prevail across most parts of the country on Sunday. Extreme heat anticipated in southern Upper Egypt during the day with milder temperatures in all regions in the evening.

Mist will affect visibility in the morning in different parts of the country. Low and medium level cloud cover is predicted in the North Coast and northern Lower Egypt, accompanied by light rain.

Winds are expected to be mostly northwesterly and moderate in strength, active in the western parts, blowing up sand and dust. Winds will possibly disrupt maritime navigation.

Waves in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea will be moderate to rough and range from between 2 to 2.5 meters in height. Surface winds will be northwesterly in both seas.

Maximum temperatures predicted for the following cities are as follows; 33C in Cairo and 30C in Alexandria, 38C in Qena, 39C in Luxor, and 39C in Aswan.


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