PM: "Uber and Careem" are Egypt 's real crisis

Major General Saeed Taaima، chairman of the Transportation and Communications Committee of the House of Representatives، launched an attack on private transport companies "Uber and Careem"، describing them as "the second Tokutok in Egypt،" especially with increasing numbers of these companies' cars and the inability of the state to control them.

Taeima said during a phone on the program "Sabah al-Balad" on the channel "Sada al-Balad" on Wednesday، that the crisis in Egypt is "Uber and Careem"، they caused traffic congestion and because of them the mass transit buses are empty and not working.

He pointed out that the metro is one of the most important means of mass transit in the world and we must expand the establishment of new lines.

He stressed the need for new transfers of traffic with the beginning of the academic year to eliminate traffic congestion.

He also said that we should taking into account the establishment of schools and universities away from residential areas.

Noteworthy, Last March, Egypt's cabinet said that it would regulate Uber and Careem by drafting new legislation after hearing recommendations from a ministerial committee.

No legislation to regulate the mobile apps has passed yet.

The announcement by the cabinet came following months of protests by drivers of traditional taxis over the perceived threat to their livelihood posed by companies like Uber.

In 2016, Uber said that 30,000 drivers are using the service in Cairo as a source of income, making the Egyptian capital the fastest growing market in the region for the car-hailing application since its launch in late 2014.


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